Usha Silai School Programme

The broad vision of the Silai School Project is to reach the most remote villages of the areas through its Silai School Program. The programme would reach out to the most Marginal Communities and would focus on women who have an inclination towards sewing by imparting sewing skills to them and encouraging them to train other village girls and women.

The women would be given a sewing machine, the know-how of stitching and maintenance of sewing machine. The women in turn would have to teach at least 20 students in a span of 1 year. The women would also be taught how to service the machines and repair minor problems. The women can use these skills to earn their livelihood and become financially independent. Therefore the women would have three sources of earning:

a. Income from teaching sewing.
b. Income from stitching.
c. Income from servicing the sewing machine of others.

The Basic Features of the Silai School :

arrow_sbconsultancy The women entrepreneurs would teach girls and women to sew in the sewing school. She would be responsible for teaching the women who come to her, the syllabus prescribed to her by UIL.
arrow_sbconsultancy The women would charge a nominal fee from the learners to augment their income. The amount of fee charged would lie at the discretion of the women entrepreneur. The fee collected would be her income.
arrow_sbconsultancy The women entrepreneur would be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the sewing machines so that there is no discontinuity in the running of the Silai School.
arrow_sbconsultancy The women entrepreneur would also be responsible for giving slots of the learners for practicing on the sewing machine at Silai School.
arrow_sbconsultancy The supporting NGO would be instrumental in getting learners to the Silai School.
arrow_sbconsultancy She would also stitch clothes of other villagers to enhance her income.
arrow_sbconsultancy She would also service the sewing machines of others for increased income.

Kagas is implementing this programme in Pithoragarh and Champawat District with the support of Usha International under CRS. In this programme we have selected 10 women from 10 villages in every district and provided 10 days training on Fashion Designing by the Fashion Designer. After the completion of the training we have provided one Sewing Machine in each participant and motivate them to start an Usha Silai School in their villages and trained to interested women at village level and get some Fees from trainees. Therefore, during this year 10 women in a district has trained and started income generation. These silai school has trained around 90 student in both of the Distt.

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