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This program is supported by Department of Science and Technology Govt. of India New Delhi.

To advocate and promote organic farming practices in the defined project area.
To introduce eco-friendly technologies and conserve indigenous knowledge for sustainable agricultural practices.

To empower women farmers by developing their entrepreneur skills and linking them to the market.

The project area is characterized by geographical complexities, economic isolation and lack of basic facilities like health and education. 80% of the families depend upon agriculture practiced in small, terraced holdings. The produce is mostly used for subsistence purposes with little or no access for farmers to market. Agricultural practices are dominated by organic farming practiced since ancient times. However, this type of farming is now leading to poor results as farmers have little access to information, suffer from lack of knowledge about correct practices and do not use technical inputs for better produce. Incidents of the use of chemical fertilizers used in agricultural fields can also be seen in the project area. These have led to low quality in food production, contamination in environment and reduced fertility of the soil. Agriculturists have expressed their helplessness as they do not have enough skills to undertake organic farming for marketing purposes.

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