Promotion of Organic Farming (Cof-III Project)

KAGAS is implemeting Promotion Organic Farming Programme in 20 villages of Champawat District with the support of Uttarakhand Organic Board Dehradun. Under this programme we are mobilizing farmers to adapt organic farming system to incraese thier income and increased the agriculture production.

The market demand of organic product is very high and demand of these produt is increasing day by day, Because of now peoples are being health concoius.

So we are motivating farmers to adapt organic farming and adapt new agricultural technology for organic product.

Under this Project we have formed 16 Groups of farmers and in second stage we are going to fedérate these groups in a cooperative. So that these cooperative may undertake input supply and marketing activities fot these farmers.

We are providing various trainings and exposure visits to farmeres and developing thier linkage with national markets for thier organic product. We hope that farmers will get better Price of their organic product inspite of other agri Product. We have organized a Awareness campeign and training of Organic farming system in all these 20 villages. And formed fa rmers groups and linkages with Banks/ Financial Institutions.

So that these groups can also take financial support from these institutions for development of organic agriculture system. This programme is for 3 Year and after that federations will be takeover the all activities to support the farmers for their betterment. Right now about 300 farmers has involved in organic farming system in this district. In future we have planned to increase this number and villages in Champawat district.

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