Livelihoods Sector

SHG Mobilization and their Nurturing:

KAGAS has a wide experience of mobilizing and forming SHGs at village-level. Under various programmes/projects currently implemented such as CBED (Community Based Economic Development) Project, Swa-Shakti Programme, CAPART’s Watershed Conservation and Development Project and Uttaranchal Community Health Initiative Programme, KAGAS has promoted SHG formation in three districts (Pithoragarh, Champawat and Udham Singh Nagar) of the state. Following are the details on the number of SHGs formed, their savings, villages covered etc.

SHG Bank Linkage:

The SHGs under Swa- Shakti Programme have been provided with Cash Credit Limit by the banks in Pithorgarh.

Almost all the SHG members under different programmes of KAGAS have opened accounts in Regional Rural Banks, Cooperative Banks and State Banks.

Since the federations of SHGs have emerged financially strong, most of the members opt to inter-loaning within the groups. There has been little or no need to link up with banks for loans.

SHG-based federations/ co-operative development:

KAGAS, under CBED Project, has federated SHGs from more than 100 villages into federations at cluster-level (each cluster comprising of 15-20 villages). At present, KAGAS has Promoted 8 federations in four clusters of Champawat District (namely, Amori, Laluapani, Khetikhan and Champawat). There two types of federations in each cluster: Savings and Credit-based federations (mostly women-based) and Agro-Forestry Service-based federations. These federations have been registered as cooperatives under the Uttarakhand Self-Reliant Cooperative Ac.

KAGAS has been providing capacity building and training to these federations in agricultural production and promotion of thrift. KAGAS is strengthening these CBOs in terms of good governance, financial management, marketing management and business orientation through sub-sector approach, market linkages, market information systems and export orientation. By the end of the year 2005, after a support of 2-3 years, KAGAS will gradually phase out and allow these federations to exist on their own in a sustainable manner.

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