Health Sector

Community Health Initiatives of KAGAS:-

KAGAS has mobilized support from a UK-based charity, Skillshare International to carry out health-based training programmes to the community-based cooperatives for one year starting from January 2005 to December 2005. The training programmes focus upon creating village-based community health workers, build awareness on health issues and improve the health-seeking behavior of the community.

The specific activities of these training programmes include

1. Developing the local capacities of the community through a team of Community Health Workers (village women recruited from the community) in taking up basic health services such as immunization, maternal and childcare etc.
2. Establishing linkages with government-run primary health centers and enabling the community based organizations to create demand for services within the community from these health centers.
3. Setting up Village-level Health Centers for provision of basic non-clinical health services such as distribution of health commodities, stocking of medicines for common diseases and providing referral services.
4. Organizing health camps and mobile clinics in outreach villages.
5. Organize health education programmes to Community Health Workers.
6. Develop training modules and health literature and other IEC (Information, Education and Communication) material to create awareness on health and hygiene issues.
7. Conduct village-level meetings on Health and hygiene promotion.

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