Community Health Project

The Community Health Programme is implementing by KAGAS in Pithoragarh with the support of Hindu society Canada. The programme aims to build the capacity of the community to own and manage primary health care services. Specifically, the objective of the programme is to improve the accessibility of health services for the community, promote community health education and reduce the economic burden of health care costs.

In this year when we started this project and when the completed baseline survey we found that health status in these villages was not satisfactory. Government services were not easily available due to lack of awareness. But after intervention of this project we found that the change in the attitude of community was started right from beginning. Really community was in need of health services and awareness campaign. And systematic health care.

These are some indicators of impact of the project:

a) Institutional Deliveries:

During the period of 1 year out of these 10 villages 5 villages has 100% institutional deliveries. 3 villages have 99% institutional deliveries and 2 villages have 98% institutional deliveries. In last 5 villages the women have been taken to Govt. Hospital but due to delay of laver pain they came back and the baby was born in their houses in a smooth ways. It’s only because of they were quite aware and taking care of every steps for the delivery of new babies.

b) Construction of Toilet :

During last 1 year in these 10 villages 74 new toilets have been constructed by the household. Right now most of villages have 100 covered with toilets and in future this no. will increase.

c) Capacity building of ASHA’s, ANM’s and Pradhan’s :

During last 1 year we have organized various health related training for Asha’s , Anm’s and Pradhan’s and in these trainings 12 Asha workers, 7 Anm’s and 10 Gram Pradhan’s were trained in health related issues. Now due to this capacity building trainings Asha and Anms are perfectly doing their jobs and supporting community. And due to these trainings Gram Pradhans are able to access govt. services for their community.

d) School Health Check Camp and Health Camp :

During the last 1 year we have organized 64 Health Checkup Camp for students and Health Camp for community. And 2530 people were benefited.

e) Coordination Meeting with Govt. Health Department :

We have organized 12 coordination meeting with govt. health department / MOIC’s and their support staff. Total No. of participants 139.

f) Coordination Meeting with Stake Holders :

We have also organized 15 coordination meeting with stake holders and No. of participant was 330.

g) We have also developed 10 set of training module

For the training of community and we have provided this training material to Asha’s and Anm’s so that they can provide training to community in a proper way.

During last 1 year immunization status was 100% in these 10 villages.

Average per family health are reduced

Average per family expanses on health are 1500 to 2000 per month except major and chronicle disease. But now these expanses have been reduced up to 50%. During the rainy season there was heavy attack of viral fever, dihyrrea, and water born disease. Children are very much affected by these diseases. But due to awareness in health care issues and govt. programs communities accessing directly govt. services for these types of diseases. So this happens only because of awareness among the community.

Number of Beneficiaries from Health Camp

S.NO. Health Camp Number of Camps at School and Community Beneficiaries
1. Village/School Health Camp 17 1154

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